Hey there,

today we were able to try the new version 2011. The first problems occurred while trying to open a project that was created with version 2009. Hatchings weren't displayed for instance. After several tries we were able to go on working on the project.

That's a bit fishy or?


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Dear Zita,

Have you made a system check before upgrading and an accredited graphic card with the latest driver?

That's a SINE QUA NIN!

Without a porper graphic card Allplan 2011 may not be operated and I strongly advise against making the upgrade to version 2011. It's their own fault, if anybody operates Allplan with a gamer-graphic card ... numerous system crash, surface elements aren't opening of files and so on...just to name a few problems you'll have with a non accredited graphic card.

Of course with a graphic card, accredited from Nemetschek yoou can't be 100% sure that everthing works perfect but at least you're on safe side.

best regards
Undine Ritzmann


that's a great problem. We aren't not up-to-date. So we installed Version 2009 again!!

Thanks for information.

best regards

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