04 Allplan Share – Purchase licenses

It is best if you consider in advance how many Share licenses you need. Basically, you probably need one share license per Allplan license. However, another interesting point right here is that Allplan Share is licensed using a so-called named licensing procedure. This means that share licenses can be easily assigned to other people in the office at any time. This works conveniently in the Bimplus portal.  


The next step is to call your Allplan sales partner, who will be happy to provide you with an offer for the number of Allplan Share licenses you require. If you accept the offer and wish to subscribe to the share licenses, your Allplan Sales partner will also quickly check in the same call whether you already have a Bimplus team or not. Why is this important? Because the following always applies: Each Allplan Share license only works within a Bimplus team - because that is where the share licenses are managed: in the Bimplus team. Such a Bimplus Team is free of charge and can be created quickly - especially if your competent Allplan Sales person does this together with you.  


By the way: If your office already has one or more Bimplus teams under your customer number, then you can easily determine together with your sales partner to which of these teams the new licenses and memory space should be assigned.  


Regardless of whether you are using a new or existing Bimplus team: once you have decided which team you wish to use the new Allplan Share licenses and the new memory space in, simply provide your sales partner with the name of the team and the e-mail address of the team owner. This completes the order process for you and the sales partner can now process your order internally using your details. Your new Allplan Share licenses and the additional storage space will be added to your selected Bimplus team and you will receive an e-mail notification when this is done.  


From there, you can go directly to the Bimplus portal, log in (your login data for Allplan Connect also works here), open the Bimplus team and distribute your share licenses to the users - they can now start using Allplan Share immediately.  


We show you in a separate video of this little Allplan Share series how that looks like.

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