04 Allplan Share - redeem vouchers and purchase licenses

It is best to think about how many Share Licenses you need in advance. Basically, you probably need one share license per Allplan license. However, it is also interesting to note that Allplan Share is licensed using a so-called named licensing procedure. This means that share licenses can be assigned to other people in the office at any time. This can be done conveniently via the Bimplus portal. Your Allplan sales partner will be happy to advise you on this.  


The next step is to call your Allplan sales partner and ask for an offer for the number of Allplan Share licenses you require. If you accept the offer, you will then receive a digital voucher from Allplan GmbH by e-mail.  


Why do you receive it and what do you have to do with it?

Purchasing Allplan Share licenses from your Allplan Sales department was "only half the rent". To ensure that you now have full technical control over these licenses and access to license management, simply use the voucher to carry out a complete "ordering process" in the Allplan Shop. Of course, this order process ends at 0 euros, as you have already paid for the licenses at Allplan Sales.  

We will now show you step by step how this ordering process works.  


First, we will check a few things:  

Please check whether your office already has a Bimplus team. If so, we recommend that you register in step 1 with the login data of the owner of this team. This will allow you to allocate the additional online storage and the newly acquired licenses to your existing Bimplus team.  

If you do not yet have a Bimplus team, please check whether you already have an account for Allplan Connect or Allplan Bimplus. In this case, test the up-to-dateness of these existing logins now by trying them out. If these logins work, then log in to the Allplan Shop in step 1 with these login data. The login data for Allplan Connect, Allplan Bimplus and the Allplan Shop are the same, which is very practical.  

If neither of these apply to you, please register for Allplan Connect now.


Step 1: Go to the Allplan Shop at shop.allplan.com and log in to the shop with your login data. Does the language fit after login?

Step 2: Look at your billing address stored in the shop - is it correct and complete?

Step 3: To be on the safe side, please check the shopping cart. It should be empty. If it is not, please remove all items you do not wish to purchase.  

Step 4: Open the e-mail from Allplan GmbH and save the attached voucher (PDF file) - please do not open the link directly from the e-mail.  

Step 5: Open the PDF file and click the link once. You will now be taken directly to the Allplan Shop shopping cart.


In rare cases, it may happen that you have landed in the Allplan Shop and in the right place in the shopping cart, but you receive an error message and the total is not zero. In this case, the voucher link has probably been changed by your operating system environment or security settings when you clicked on it, making it unusable. How do you proceed now? Please wait 2 hours, because during this time the voucher link is blocked for security reasons. After 2 hours, go back to the Allplan Shop, log in again, go to the shopping cart, find your order and paste the Voucher ID that you find in the Voucher under the link. The final total should now be zero and you continue with the next step, step 6.  


Step 6: Now we go through the few steps of the order process.  

Here you will now see your order clearly displayed. At the top you will find a navigation and further down all details of your order. At the bottom right you can see that the order ends as promised at zero, because you have already purchased the licenses.  


On the next page we can have a look at the billing address again and change it or complete it if necessary

Shipping online and payment method free of charge are also fine

And here you can view and confirm the terms and conditions   and have all the details again for final review.  

If an error message appears when you place your order, it is quite certain that the address data was not entered completely, and the Allplan Shop has detected a problem in one of the mandatory fields of the billing address. Missing postcode or street or something like that. No problem: move back to the billing address at the top of the navigation and correct it.  

If everything fits, place your order. Your Allplan Share licenses are now technically assigned to your Bimplus team and you can get started with Allplan Share. 

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