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Hi there Allplan developers, long time no hear no see

Since my wishlist is getting bigger, I decided that at least once a month (perhaps even weekly) you'll recieve some suggestion from me.

Today I would like to suggest how to improve Allplan when using copy/move content from one file to another.
Whenever we use this tool and Allplan ask us for destination where to copy/move file, the whole ''tree structure'' opens and sets (check mark) on the first available file which is empty (on the first from 10.000 files). So what common user then do is to minimize the tree structure, open the folder and choose the destination file. Not a big deal when this tool is used rearely, but when used frequently, it is not very practical.

My suggestion is that Allplan could open the folder I am currently in, and to set on the file it is actively open (coloured in red).

Another cool option would be if you could copy/move content to several different files at once (not just one).

Yours sincerely,


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Maybe you could use more layers and fewer files...


Thank you for your answer, but it really has nothing to do with my question/suggestion.

I am using over 50 layers.

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