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is somebody familiar with this problem?
I create a new project from scratch.
I´m making new wall´s and when I open the animation window they look like 3D atari from 1981.

I know is not the computer. (before anyone suggest drivers)
I know is not Allplan either. (Second picture show a more complex drawing, made in the same computer last week)
My guess is properties problem (third picture) I check them with the walls that look good and have same parameters (just different heights and texture )

Is not the texture problem, each wall have different texture and one no texture at all (picture one) and they suffer from the same deformation.

As i rotate the animation view point they change shape.

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Is not just walls. Anything that I draw looks weird. Fassade , hand rail, chimney, deck , windows, windows macros, 3D shapes or bodys.

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looks like a "Big Coordinates" Problem

Try to measure the Coordinates of your Projekt. If there are big Coordinates (more than 1000 m away, move all near to 0.0 ..
if not, attach a NWD file so we an see if the problem with the data exists also on other computers.

Greatings from munich

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+1 with Jörg. It seems to be a problem of distance from the origin point (0;0;0).
Move your project and see if it's better... –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Jörg and Bertrand_C ,geniuses the pair of you!


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