[Question] /// Some basic improvements on wishlist forever ///

Hi there Allplan developers,

I would like to know when are you gonna make our lives easier

I've been Allplan user for 12 years and with every new release I'm hoping to see those improvements, but they just don't arrive.
Please don't get me wrong but it is really frustrating that we are still limited to only 255 colours for the line tool. Why we should not be able to determine any desired colour like in other applications (Autodesk-CAD, Adobe aplications, etc.) is beyond me.

Another pain in the a$$ is ''TEXT toll''. I understand Allplan is tehnical application, but basic text aligments are such basics that should be included a long time ago. Also ''modification TEXT tool'' does not recognise underlined & bold letters. It is not big deal if I want to change one single text. But when I want to change 100 single texts at once, then this move is out of the question.

Those are some of my wishes that are on my wishlist since day 1, but I am also prepearing some suggestions how to Allplan even more amazing.

Hope to see these improvements at least in next version (Allplan 2020)

Cheers ;)


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Dear Danijel,

I just come back to you for the text modification.

In fact if you use the palette property you can easily change the format like underline & bold letter in one click with all you text (grouped or not).

Bye & Good use!

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Hey Judy,

thanks for for the response & solution but I am still waiting to hear a word from some developer.

cheers ;)

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