spiral facad

I want make a spiral facade you can see first pic.

1. i caouldnt draw a spiral with allplan.
2 i draw with cinema 4d after than ? sent to all plan.(only a surface of spirall) you can see second pic. there isnt any triange surface in cinema4d but when i convert to allplan there is triangel sufaces ...
after ? convert to facade from 3d object. but triangel surfaces are problem...

? make it 3. pic but it isnt right helezonic.(? make it with allplan -- spline wall with 2 slope plane...)

hoq ? can make this facade..

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Video for you

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Ciao Giorgio

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thank you Ciao,

But your answer isnt solve my question.
1. ? dint understand formula of spiral
2. I want to make ; spiral's center must be higest level. I cant make this with your method.
3. it isnt possible to divide each piece of facade ..

my method ;

1-I draw the spiral with cinema 4d(you can draw with allplan, ? cant draw) after than ? sent to allplan
2- ? use fasade modul(spline) and I draw spline on that which is came from cinema
3- eventualy ? deformated levels of spline facade , ? pick up the center of spline

advantage of this method ? can change the distance each piece of facade
it s not depend any frame or point.

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this is what you can do with Allplan

Video 2

Ciao Giorgio

http://www.app-easy.it | APP-Easy Architecture for Allplan

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