Dear Allplan experts, please help me to find answers for below guestions:

1) How can I do a positioning of structural elements in Allplan in order to make general assembly formwork drawings?
Does Allplan have this function ?

2) Going furher...how can I assemble several identical elements i.e. columns shown on drawing layout as one
with its element mark and automatically counted number of quantity ?
What is important - any change of it's reinforcement should result in a change for every it's occurrence in the model.

3) Assuming I have a lot of elements in the drawing, how can I make a reinforcement list only for selected elements
- for example for each wall, type of column etc. separately ?
I would like to get a final drawing with several reinforcement lists - assigned to each positioned element.

PS. As a beginner I searched for above functions and I cannot find them

Thanks in advance !