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Hello, how to change the scale of dimension in allplan? In the view window I have X / Y x2 scales. How to change the dimension lines to be the correct size?

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Copied from Help document:

You can use the Dimension Lines to Views tool to associate dimension lines created later with a view or section so that any modifications you make to the view or section (move, copy, delete) will affect the dimension lines, too.

Note: If you use the zoom factors to display a view or section at a different scale, the dimensions of manual dimension lines are the result of the dimensions multiplied by the zoom factor. By linking these dimension lines with the view or section, you can correct the dimensions to appropriate values.
To link dimension lines with views or sections

Click Link Dimension Lines to Views

Click the view or section you want to associate with the dimension lines created later.
Note: Dimension lines you have already linked can be associated with a different view or section. All you need to do is assign them again.

Select the dimension lines.

I use it all the time, you can find this in Reinforcement views.

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