AllPlan Services Error Message [Solved]

AllPlan 2004.0b Release

Has anyone incountered this error message?
Error Message: "dirbrows -f filename [-s startdir] -t textfilename enables a directory selection"
It does not open up the browser to select a specific folder location to store my back-ups?
its looking for flopy drive A but my computer does not have a flopy drive?

When i was trying to back up my projects in allplan services, i went to configuration, back up path, and save to hard dis (compresse)

Please help me...

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Hi Jose

I've never seen such a message.

Do you want to change backup-path in configuration of Allmenu (see screenshot from V2011)?

This information is stored in regestry.

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That is exactly what i am trying to do but the command does not open the browser! I dont have the newest version of allplan i have 2004.

I can not go on to back up my projects via: allplan services configure back up path...etc

Hi Jose,

I've just sent you a PM about changing backup-path in regestry.


Hi Stephanie,

Is there any way you could send me the same information in regards to changing the backup path for allplan v. 2004 in the registry? I am having the exact same problem that user Jose T. encountered.

Many Thanks,

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