Step by Step Visual Scripting ?


Is there a Step by Step PDF on the use of Visual Scripting in Allplan? and especially about how the functions available work?
Another question, if no documents are available, or can we find help?

Thank you

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the Allplan Online Help Says, taht it bringe his own Lonline Help Section:

Allplan Visual Scripting starts in its own window, which you can resize or move as you need. You can also move this window to another monitor; so you have even more workspace.

Allplan stays open in the background.

The Allplan Visual Scripting window consists of a toolbar, a library with predefined nodes, and the workspace where you can create scripts. To get more information, start Allplan Visual Scripting and click Help - Getting started on the toolbar.

or start here:
or French Version:

If you need further documentation, feel free to ask again ..

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