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Version:  Allplan 2015 / Allplan 2014 / Allplan 2013 / Allplan 2012 / Allplan 2011  | Last modified: 30.11.2017
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Why is it not possible to install IBD planning data?
The customer number displayed is not correct or the number 0000000 is displayed and the activation code is rejected.


The customer number depends on the license used for the installation.
Install the appropriate temporary or final license.

In addition, you need to adjust the customer number in the following places.

Services application -> Utilities -> License -> License Manager (NemSLock). Click Options at top right. Click the Customer details tab. Enter your customer number for the Client ID.
Note: If this field is not available, you need to log on as the administrator.

Services application -> Service -> Windows Explorer -> General program data (ETC, LIC) -> License(with earlier versions: Services application -> Service -> Windows Explorer (program folder)). Find the info.001 file and open it using the editor, for example. Go to the Customer line and enter your customer number. After this, save the file.

Now you can install IBD.


There is no trial license for IBD. This means that you cannot install IBD if you have installed Allplan with a trial license.

If the current IBD activation codes are not on hand, you can download them from Allplan Connect: After you have logged on, select "PROFILE-> License Management".

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21 - 21 (21)
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