BIM plus and Xrefs

Incredibly, I just installed Allplan 2018 and check that the Xref still do not upload into the BIMplus model. If you have a project with lots of repeating elements and you want to work with BIMplus, you have two options:

1 Give up the excellent tool of external references, and manually copy the changes to multiple files.

2 Upload Xrefs to BIMplus as an IFC model, renouncing the advantages of file organization in Allplan

I find it hard to understand that Xrefs are correctly exported as IFC and can not be uploaded to BIM plus

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Have you managed to solve this problem?

Something similar happens to me, the xref are not well represented in the ifc format, in 3 sections of wall, the walls cover some windows ...

I have made these 3 walls again to verify that it was not a union error and the wall continues to cover everything.

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