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I am new to Allplan, having previoulsy worked with Archicad

I would like to be able to create a parametric object in Allplan. Am I correct in thinking that Python is used to create new objects in Allplan? Can thos eobjects be parametric?

I would like to be a ble to create an aluminium structural frame that can be modified in height and distance as well as angle. Its basicly like a steel portal frame that can be modified easily for different projects.

Is this possible in Allplan?

Many thanks

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A parametric structural frame can be made with PythonParts or Smartparts.
Smartparts use a script syntax very similar to GDL, so it might be easier to start with.
Also there is step by step tutorial for Smartpart programming in the "Training" section.


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Ok, thanks Stefan Ill look into that.

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