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Is it possible to turn off the automatic sending of notifications to all team members when we share some documents? We publish about 15 PDF drafts, and we all receive 30 emails. We would rather not receive any mail or if it can be controlled to whom the mail will come, just one to let them know that we have added 15 new files to that folder.

Thank you for your answer!

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sure this feature is already in preparation. User will have control of most Bimplus notifications with possibility to set whether to receive them by email/browser or not receive them at all. We see it as control on both team level and project user level.

If you have additional wishes/ideas to this topic, we will consider them.

That is great! Thank you for the opportunity for a wish list. Here are my suggestions:

- control e-mail notification for whom and when it is going to be sent, maybe to have a possibility to email weekly changes in project
- filter notifications per project
- filter notifications per documents, models, and tasks
- filter notification per new files and modified files.

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