[Question] Font changes every time


I have a small problem: every time I open the program the font that I setup in the menu for rebar name and dimensions changes to another (not always the same) and I have to reload all settings again.
I have Allplan 2020 in Windows 10 - everything is updated.
This gets annoying and I dont know how to solve it.
Thank you.

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Are you the projectowner/admin?
These font settings can only be changed final by the projectowner/admin. A projectuser can change it also but then it is only for the time that you have Allplan running. When you close it, it changes back to the default that is been set by the owner/admin.

Maybe this solves the problem in your case.

Kind regards,


standalone installation or workgroupmanager ? tt?
With workgroupmanager it is possible that a collegea is changing this setting, because he has different fonts installed. Because this is a project setting and programmen based on the amount of windows fonts you have. THe font number is saved in the settings, not the specific font name.

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