[Question] See all parameter values for reports?

Is there any way to see the values of all parameters that are relevant to a certain object? So that it is easier to pick the right parameters when making a report.

Some parameters I could use and couldn't find yet:

- The area of a reinforcement mesh (total area of multiple nets in a single field)
- Hooks on rebar (Y/N + length + angle)
- Segment lengths of a closed bracket. Now the lenghts just show as zero but the total length is correct.


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Hi WOuter_W,

There is a report which is called 'Object attribut' where you can see what is Inside the drawing file.

Or depending on the module, there is specific attribut which can be used.

About your request:

Area of reinforcement mesh:
Allplan on a object model, so you can get data for each mesh but not for a group of mesh. You can get this value by making a report or a legend and summurise the total of same mesh.

Hook on rebars: You have an attribut to know if the bars is bended or not but you can't get the data of the hook. There is another special code which define the definiton of the form shape for machine.

Segment lenght of a closed bracklet: If you make a click right on bars and request 'Modify Mark Position', you will see a Windows where there few value, like the lenght, the diameter, the quantity etc... you can't get any other value. (maybe just the distance placement).

Bye & Good Use!

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