[Question] ESC, TAB, RETURN key does not work

From time to time the ESC, TAB, RETURN etc. keys lost its functionality while a Tool is active.
I feel that the frequency of this phenomenon is rising with every new hotfix.

A simple restart resolves the issue, but it is very annoying to restart Allplan after every 5 or 6 steps.

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This happened to me, when an old version of Adobe Photoshop (CS1 I think..) was open, while I was using Allplan.
When I closed Photoshop, the ESC-key worked again.

Maybe you can try closing other programs.

Also, right clicking on any tool has the same effect as the ESC key, so you don't have to restart.


Thanks Stefan!

In the mean time I have applied different UI settings in some of the workstations in the office. And the "Color scheme and icon design" option seems to be the winner.

The workstation with "Allplan" option activated does not reported the issue since then.

The others are on "Windows" option, and still hanging with the special keys.

The old right click methode is not helping because the TAB key is dead too.


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