[Question] With different ø reinforcement, the hook length and bending roller factor should also be adjusted - how?


A few days ago I asked already in the German speaking part of this message board. But sadly there are no answers yet.

'cuase this I try this part of the support forum.

A few days ago I watched Allplan's visual scripting videos for the first time and found a script here in the forum in which I see a benefit for being able to quickly place reinforcement (bar shape) directly in the isometric view.

The script as a picture in the attachment.

With Allplan, if you select the diameter for the bar shape, the hook length and the bending roll factor are automatically set accordingly (Figures d10 to d14 as examples).

When I run the script and define the four points, "Closed stirrups" appear in the palette on the left. Diameter 10 and the correct details of hook length and bending roller diameter (Fig. 1 in the appendix).

If I change the diameter to 14 there - before I finish the script - the hook length and the bending roll diameter do not adjust. How could that be changed (in the script)? (Fig. 2 in the appendix).

If I leave all the values as in Fig. 1 in the appendix and place the bracket and subsequently change the diameter, the hook length will not be adjusted (Fig. 3 in the appendix). How can I ensure that this will automatically adjust as the diameter changes? In the case of "normal" reinforcement, this value is automatically adjusted.

Thanks for your input and thoughts. As I said, I'm just starting out with the topic, but I find it exciting.

I tried some of the example reinforcement-scripts and there the problem is the same.

Bauzeichner in Ingenieurbüro sowie Lehrbeauftragter BFH ‘CAD im Bauwesen’

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Hi there!
You are (unfortunately) correct - although there is a ReinforcementShapeBarProperties node which does contain the bending roller diameter BUT you have to know the correct factor for the bar diameter. Also in the ClosedStirrup node there is an input for the hook length BUT again you have to know the minimum length of hook per bar diameter. In Allplan there are rules that define these requirements. I will pass on these observations to the PM for VS (Product Manager for Visual Scripting).
In your example (and to carry on experimenting) you will need to insert and connect the node I mentioned above along with a LengthInput node for the hook length - then you will get stirrups (links in my part of the world) that behave as expected.
I am also assuming that you know your detailing rules - which I think you do!

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Hi Ralph and happy New Year.

Many thanks for your help.

I could not replay earlier because I was not in the office for almost three weeks.

I uploaded some screenshots (and my script) to show you, how i changed the script.

1: I added a Length for HookLength and fort he BarDiameter. I could not make a connection from Length to BendingRoller.
2: I put here 0.16 which in my country is minimum hook length for ø12.
3: And here I put the ø12.
4: When I start the script and Reinforcement has automatic ø12, good.
5: Also the hookLength is correct, but not the "Biegerollenfaktor" (BendingRoller). It is 4, but it should be 4,167. Also the hook is not 180°, only 135°. I have to fix this somehow.
6: Interesting is, when I change the ø, that the BendingRoller changes automatic into the correct value, but the HookLength does not change. For ø10 it should be 0.13.
7: When I change the ø again into 14, the bending roller is automatic changing into the correct value, but not the HookLength.
8: When I change the ø back into 12, the bending roller is now correct, even i fit was not in the beginning.

a) So how could i fix it, that also the hook lenght would change automaticlly?
b) why the bendingroller is frist wrong, but when I change the ø it becomes correct? And how it this even possible, did I do not any definition of this into the script.
c) and can I change the hooks from the beginning 180°? In the script?

There is also another odd behavior now after changing my script. The ClosedStirrup is there now twice in my file. I have no idea why.

I think it is still interesting and the more people know about VS, the better they can use it.

Thanks for your help!

Best wishes.

Bauzeichner in Ingenieurbüro sowie Lehrbeauftragter BFH ‘CAD im Bauwesen’

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Hi Apologies for the late reply but I too have been off and working on a few things...
I have recently discovered the Math.Script node which allows a small python script to be run.
I have used this (just) to obtain a bend former radii and the minimum end projection based on an input diameter.
See my attachments. I believe that if you place these nodes correctly then every time you change the bar diameter the shape of the bar will adapt also.
The minimum end projection could also be used in conjunction with a switcher based on a bend angle.
Note that the formatting of the code in the node is important - I used two and four spaces to format nicely. It also appears that the function name cannot be changed. There is a limited number of lines that can be entered and only one input (currently)...

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Great to hear from you and many thanks for your new ideas.

I will try to copy this.

Tomorrow we will install Allplan 2021, maybe there will be small changes in the visual scripting part as well? We will see.

Please keep up with the patches as well as these contain important 'upgrades' to the VS system. In 2021.0.6 we introduced more control for your palettes and the ordering of the controls thereon. It will make life a lot easier for you!

Sadly for me it will become more and more difficult to follow

We have Allplan 2021-0-7 already and it looks like some of the names of the boxes changed when I check your pictures.

In the attachment I put again my whole script (picture), but there are many problems for me. How do I connect the scripts and print with the ClosedStirrup? For example from "objectsToPrint" is not possible to connect with "HookLength".

And what should be the Value at Integerlnput?

My script does not run now, because I did some stuff wrong.

It goes slow bit by bit, but maybe I can one day get it

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