The attribute "Id_Elemento_Constructivo_Allright" is the key data in Allplan quantity and BCM reports. The walls appear, always, in all Allplan reports, as "______Mur_________" since only the different layers of the wall are measured.

However, in BIMplus the attributes "______Mur_________" cannot be accessed by query. They are not available. Only the attributes of the "parent" wall, in the form "_____Hwall________", are.

As a result, the walls identified in the Allplan reports cannot be found in BIMplus. In fact, it is not possible to find any wall by any attribute based query, because the attributes you are looking for, belong to wall layers, not the “parent” wall.

As a consequence of this, BIMplus is not suitable for third parties to check Allplan quantity take off. This forces me to turn to other tools, such as Trimble connect, which is a nuisance for a Allplan user.