[Question] Unable to open BIMplus

Suddenly, BIMplus won't open in my browser, neither Edge nor Chrome. The orange circle keeps spinning indefinitely. Sometimes it opens, but then the model viewer goes blank. Can you help me? Thank you very much.

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i asked bimplus develement to have a look at this issue ..with this errors the hopefull find a reason/solution

Thank you very much for your interest.


issue with cors policy is related to chrome based browsers. We have tried to fix it and eliminate this issue. Please let me know if you will see same issue again.

the problem remains, added a screenshot of the inspection page. I also tried to login with Edge but I have the same problem.
Thanks, Lorenzo

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Hi Lorenzo

the New microsoft Edge browser "based" on Google Chrome .. Only a try with f.e. Firefox is a "different" browser if a problem is declared as "Chrome based" Browsers

same problem with Firefox too. Added a screenshot of the inspection page.
Thanks, Lorenzo

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Hi ricmerz (and everybdy with this problem as well),

may I ask you, did you have Kaspersky Labs (Antivirus, Internet Security simply whatever) installed on your computer?

E. Mrazek.

Yes, I have Kasperky on my pc

maybe this info Helps:

Kaspersky is adding them self inbetween the bimplus traffic. (the main.js in your screenshots is from them)

in KAV Settings/Additional/Network, there should be an "Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages" option.
if you disable this, the problem may be solved.

i also found, that with a newer Kaspersky Version / installed patch from them this is should be fixed :


Disabling the "Inject scripts into web traffic to interact with web pages" option I was able to login immediately.
Thanks so much
Good day, Lorenzo

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