sketchup import -> no textures

I tried to import a few skp (sketchup) 3D models. No problem with that but the textures are gone. Anyone?

Is there some bib, especialy for allplan-users where we can download 3D models. The default bib in allplan is very poor.

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We sell lots of additional Content (maybe you did not bough t it or thsi is not sold in your langauge and (with this new plattform) start also offering additional Content for free. the internet download will grow ..

Please Have a Look at Content section

Jörg (Velletti), Allplan Webentwicklung

Man kann mich Siezen oder Duzen. Wie derjenige mag. Und bitte beachten: Supportfragen zu Allplan bitte nur über das Forum stellen und bitte mir nicht als "Persönliche / Private" Nachricht senden. Die kann ich nämlich nicht weiterleiten.

I am only a user. Not a client.

It is Belgian Defense who is client. Dutch support Allplan is very bad!

Sorry to say that but it is the thrut. Only French speaking clients have a good support.

I don't know wich additional content whe have. The 3D bib is basic.

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