Experimenting with smartparts - Trees

So I tried some experimenting with the allplan smartpart, and I created a new tree symbol.
The big problem is that using this kinds smarparts you have little control of the rgb color of the fill. So I tried to make a method to see a preview of the color resulted. Yet this overwhelms me, you need advanced programming skills and good knowledge of the behaveiour of colors. Plus, because of this object modifies slower

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Very nice work you have done, bravo!

I have a question! With what tool or how did you fact to retrieve coordinates 5 and 6 digits after the decimal point of the models of trees?

The trick and the RGB encoding is a very good idea.

Just a word of advice, I would be you, I will at least reduce the weight of the images you have included in your program. Indeed, your macro will be heavy and more you slow the general environment of Allplan. The smartparts behave not as a classical macro more tu Mets more thou shalt do slow Allplan. the smartparts are duplicated each time and therefore consume more resources.

Do you never slow when that you place the smartparts furniture delivered by Nemetechek when there are many?

Maybe a bug to correct...

French to talk about Allplan Forum:


The coordinates of the lines and polylines are copied with the help of another program .Yet, now if I think better, there is simpler solution. At the time I began creating this object I couldn't import fills or polylines in the smartpart resources, but now you're allowed to do this. Plus, you are allowed to change their settings with the place index,1. So I made a example with a smartpart with imported resources which contain fills.
For the smartparts which seems to consume resources and slow down your computer one often explanation is the request of fonts from the parameter script for many allplan's smartparts. In fact if you create an array parameter with more than 100 values the smartpart will behave very slowly.

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