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My problem is very simple: how to make Windows or doors smartparts automatically adjust when I copies it to a new larger aperture? (or smaller).
I did several tests,
A first test with "GLOB_SCALE" that well positioned the macro in 2D and 3D, but does not preserve the dimensions of the rectangles, views 2D do not update automatically.
Another test with 'FOIL': views 2D are taken into account when there are changes of scale but the smartpart does not automatically fit into the hole and the 3D view is not correct.
I perhaps do things wrong?
In the very complex sliding bottom door example, composed of many lines of codes (TUBE, PRISM etc.), with a strong realism and 2 colors, Interior and exterior parameterized. It seems much too complex and complicated to adjust the 'pts_ref' as a 'traditional' macro Allplan while programming in smartpart is very simple if it has properly understood the principle of the "ref_x" "ref_y" "ref_z". It is therefore obvious that it should not continue to use the former functions of macro for the smartparts.
Are there - he expected solution because it seems to me that this problem of adjustment has been mentioned on this forum with the 1st version 2012.
New parameters smartpart will it be specially present for Windows and doors, as the engineering smartparts?
Please read me and bring me a simple solution to my problem (our problem at all), thanks.

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Hello, and sorry for the second comment,.
But I still can't understand why should I use the "FOIL" command for objects included in an opening automatically adjust to the opening hole?
Aside to define whether the object is visible or not in 2D or 3D, and visibility according to the scale why not..
But why do macros like traditional and be forced to place a lot of "FOIL" to each object on the basis of their deformations knowing that the smartpart objects are generally already programmed according to the volume of reference ref_x / ref_y / ref_z.
In the example from above:
The left 2D rectangle is programmed according to its own width (0.05), but also depending on the depth of the volume of reference (ref_y), but despite this I am obliged to place a "DEFINE FOIL" like this:
DEFINE FOIL "test" 1, 0,
1,! from scale
75!,! to sclae
! 0, 0, 0,! ref pnt1 x, y, z
! 0, ref_y, 0,! ref pnt2 x, y, z
! 1, 1, 1,! layer a, b, c
! 0, 1, 2! x, y, z scale
Just so my rectangle is snug in width in case of modification...

For the rectangle on the right is even worse!
I already have a programmed movement (TRANS2 ref_x, 0) before drawing the rectangle 2nd...
But despite this movement set an another "FOIL" is necessary to adjust this rectangle to the hole...
We walk on the head!
This is a simple example, but in more complex codes «foil» prevents any simplification of code. For example opening of a window are identical, it is impossible to make an "GOSUB opening window " since that opening may be left or right, but also smaller or larger... we still add "FOIL" unnecessarily...

I ask is it you please if a solution will be provided quickly to resolve this "bug", because everything is upset and u yet several version since the introduction of the smartpart and it is still not settled. It is simple, an object in an opening must be as we have programmed it and not having to redo a new action after.

I'm enjoying this topic because another problem still not fixed... Is the transparency of the smartpart code which remains legible under certain conditions despite the fact that it is locked by a password... when a solution to this another problem?

Thank you to have me read and waiting for a possible response or solutions I wish you a good weekend.

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Hello Olivier,

the answer is simple:

A SmartPart (-Macro) for usage inside openings and automatic fitting must use the
foils (with the reference points for each) for each objekt with an differnet scaling behaviour!

You can ignore this, but then you have to make an "Refresh" after scaling such an SmartPart!

Only with the limitation of seperate foils you can achive a behaviour similar to Macro-Modeller-Macros!

That is the state today!
Maybe there is a possiblity to change this limitations in the future.
But this would mean, that Allplan refresh automatically the SmartPart inside the opening, if the opening is changed! (...thats not a cheap job to do this for all possible modification scenarios!)

The other question is:
Under which conditions ist the code of an locked (by password) SmartPart readable ?
If it is so, that's a bug and has to be fixed!


Hello, and thanks for your reply.
Since I consider this 'FOIL' command, and I understand the principle.
I understood that he was not the choice for Windows to be forced to use this command I'd with it has no choice. Just because of that it complicates the code but I'd do with.

For bug concerning visibility macros protected by password I send you a private message explaining you how to bypass the protection.

Thanks for your reply
Kind regards

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