[Bug] Building the 3D model of a residential building, the earlier modified arch. objects keep jumping to next floor

While building the concrete structure 3D model from Architecture objects (walls, columns, beams, slabs, staircases), when moving on to next levels, we realized that some of our beams, walls or slabs from earlier got subtracted -1 in the Floor manager.

Meaning that a slab which had the height set earlier from the "Top level of 1st floor" to the "Bottom level of 2nd floor", is now defined as from the "Bottom level of 1st floor" to the "Top level of 1st floor". First snapshot attached, where two parts of slabs became a whole floor in height! This is very irritating, when the slab needs to be adjusted for the 5th time in a week.

The reason why this keeps happening is beyond us. All we have to do is change these two defined floors to the right height and the slab or beam gets reset to the right position.

Also an error message keeps popping up with "Incorrect 3D data in drawing file XXXX. This can cause display problems." Well the problem is not in our display, cutting a view also confirms that the slab moved down in the floor manager list.

We suspect the "Change Arch. Properties" function changes the levels, but we are not sure, since it never happens when we are on the layer, only if we leave the layer unmodified for a while.

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How is your building structure organized?
Do you work in workgroup environment?

I'm having trouble understanding your workflow.
What did you (plural) do:
1.) you designed building elements, and then updated them one after another to other levels using Height tool?
2.) you designed building elements, copied them into other drawing files with different planes set using Floor Manager?
3.) you designed building elements, copied them into other drawing files with no planes set and updated heights one after another to other levels using Height tool?

Hi JohanC,

I attached a picture of the floor manager and a snapshot of the layer structure. Every floor is defined as a "Story" in the structure with bottom and top elevation. The drawing files for all floor is the same four: walls, columns, above slab and stairs.
Yes, we work in a workgroup environment.

5 or 6 of all the stories is very similar, so the usual workflow goes like this:
1.) We build up a story, walls columns slab and stairs.
2.) For the walls: we put the previous story's wall drawing file on "edit" and the next story's wall file set as a "current"
3.) We use ctrl+C and ctrl+alt+V
4.) Allplan pastes the wall objects on the right elevation (because of the drawing file's settings) so now we just do a quick check, that everything is in place.

So basically the 2nd optino you mentioned, I just wanted to detail it as much as I could, maybe it helps.

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I didn't manage to replicate this issue in 2019-0-4 with Workgroup ON.

As I see your slabs have same plane settings as walls and everything else in particular story. This means that you must then manually set the slab planes using Height function. From what I see you are using Assign plane function in Height dialog to do that.

From your description it also seems that this setting defaults after a while. (There is a Restore basic setting button nearby in Height dialog!).

It can be that someone from your workgroup is changing the Arch. properties of walls and change the slab properties along that. Especially if slab file is open in edit mode, while working on walls.
It can be that someone (or some bug) defaults your settings after a while.

For test you can Assign planes for slab drawing file (like 3502) in Building structure and not in Height dialog. (BL = Upper plane of 3.story, TL = Lower plane of 4.story) You must also reset the planes in Height dialog accordingly.

Although unlikely that something is wrong you can also check:
If everyone are using same Allplan version in Workgroup environment.
There is always option that server is producing some unusual results (especially if it is ARM based NAS with RAID levels). Reset it.

Hi JohanC,

I believe I found the source of my problems, using the 'Change Architecture properties' on multiple elements across the slab results in beams jumping a story down. I strictly use the function for solely to change the hatching of the elements and yet the pre-set level heights change too.

Can a developer look into it and find the bug?
As a sidenote, where can I give proper Allplan user feedback on functions or bugs?
The Allplan support tool is not really equipped for this, and I'm not reaching the developers that way.

The best way is to contact Allplan support (they pass the information to development team when necessary).
You can ask to your sales contact or use the support email address you certainly know, or use Hotinfo (3rd line in the "?" menu).

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