[Domanda] Elevation Lineweights through the place of the object

Hi All,

I have a question.

I want to see the front objects thicker than the back objets When I have the elevations or sections.

They have the same layers, properties etc.

Is there a way to have this such as in Revit or Archicad?


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there is a function Disply section edges with a thick line.

Use this option to display intersected elements with a thick line. You can choose to apply a thick line to exterior edges or to all edges. Define the Pen, Line, Color and Layer for the thick line.
This setting only applies to components with hatching, pattern or fill. Roof covering, rafters, other timber elements or smart symbols are not affected

With regards,

I Think I couldn't make myself clear. Lets think there are 2 elements. These can be wall column etc. and lets think one is in front of the other as you can see in the first picture. Both objects have the same specifications.

When I have the elevation both of them has the same lineweight. But I need to see the front one thicker.

Thanks in advance

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It's imposssible in sytem way. But you are always can generate Fasade view or Section view of any part of project, and put in the same place of working model. Then just draw more thicker line on it.
But anyway, if you will make any changes in project, your lines wil stay static, and you will needed ti redraw it))
Overwise just put the same object in other File Data, and make it visible, but in freeze mode.
Or put anover Layer, to the next object and freeze its vizion in Layer's visions.

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