[Domanda] Planlayout + Patternline with fill

Hi all,

I have two Teilbild.
I drew on the first the walls and the text
I drew on the second the mechanical element, und line with pattern line.
I used fill for Patternlinie.
Unfortunately, in this situation on the planlayout the patternline obscures the wall and the text.
How can change this?

György Bruckner

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Click right and change the sequence within the layout.
See the online help for more details.

OK I know this, but, I can't change the sequence, because the Wall obscures the other element...

what I sometimes do ist that I forexample click on the text then use command+x and then command +v to delete it and copy it in agian, so the sequence changes.
If that is still not working, maybe you can just write the text again and delete the old one.
I hope this might help you.

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