scriptinscript error

Hello. Everyone on the forum.

I'm trying to make something using a ScriptinScript file.
But in ScriptinScript I get the following error: Please review.

1. Path: C:\ProgramData\Nemetschek\Allplan\2022\Etc\Examples\VisualScripting\ScriptInScript\DomeScriptPlacement.pyp as shown in image 1 below, even if you connect the format property to the last part, the property value is not reflected. Please check the gif file #2.

2. So I tried attaching the format attribute to the file in the original path, but it doesn't respond. Please check the gif file #3.
Path: C:\ProgramData\Nemetschek\Allplan\2022\Etc\Examples\VisualScripting\Buildings\Domes\MultiSidedDome.pyp

I want to know what the problem is.

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I finally got some time to check the issue, it did show some error messages in the trace window. Thanks for pointing out the problem. We need to check the problem with the team.

Theoretically, it should work in both way. (either in sub script or in main script)

Product Owner API, Allplan GmbH