[Вопрос] Layers state is not considered

Allplan 2020-1-6. Now the complete content of the files is exported to BIMplus, regardless of the layer status. If this is going to be the case, it is a serious inconvenience, and forces to review the entire project organization to work with BIMplus, without unwanted information appearing.
Is this going to be the criterion from now on?
Thanks for your attention

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there should not be change in this matter from previous versions. What is visible in 3D in Animation Pane in Allplan, these are exported.
So if you disable layers, we are not exporting them. And vice versa. In other words. What you see (in 3D) is what you get.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Thanks for your quick reply, Pavol. As I was saying, now to me, all the objects in the file are exported to BIMplus, including those in hidden layers that are not displayed in 3D.

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