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Suddenly, BIMplus won't open in my browser, neither Edge nor Chrome. The orange circle keeps spinning indefinitely. Sometimes it opens, but then the model viewer goes blank. Can you help me? Thank you very much.

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saw this just now. Here on my end everything works fine. Can you test again?

Kind regards

Hi, Daniel, thanks for your answer. I just tried it and it remains the same. It's a problem with this computer. In others, it opens. I have tried to delete the browsing data. This message appears after resetting Edge to default values (see attached)

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Ah, ok, thanks. Realy Strange. Most colleagues I could ask are on holiday, but I will forward it anyway. Maybe next year then.

I wish you peaceful and happy holidays!


Hola Ricardo

I cannot reproduce this error. I used our Test Tools to see if the profile itself has a problem, but all okay:
(for Daniel:
Connect -> Admin -> GDPR Tool (Only for Internal) -> copy Email address to run all Tests until every check had run and is OKAY or did not find an error .. )

As this error rises during login, i though it could be your profile image. As bimplus team had changed the behavior of "Edit Profile in bimplus" by switching to "Edit Profile in Connect", i could be a "new" side effect. Maybe ..

So i used the picture of you connect account and uploaded it to your bimplus profile (like it will now happen automatically when a user changes the picture in Connect). and i reseted the last Opened Project of your Profile to "bimplus Demo" .

Maybe it helped. Please retry login, and also the following steps ..

This is what you can try also:
- Clear browser cache and all browser cookies
- use an other browser (google Chrome, firefox, brave ... )
- try crosstoken login: Means login to allplan connect and use the Link on the Tope Left corner :
Bimplus Login
if you are logged in to alllan connect, this link will use the login session of connect to automatically login to bimplus.
if you have a second, maybe private Email address, try to register again to connect and see if login with this user works.

if all does not help, please answer the following questions:

a) You are using the same email to login to bimlus than for Allplan Connect?
b) Test if login to https://shop.allplan.com works with same credentials work. Yes / No
c) Test in ALLPLAN if login to bimplus works Yes / No

In EDGE you can use also STRG Shift - I (like inspect) to get a debug window.
maybe there is a more internal Error visible that shows the "kind of image missing"

see example image attached

feel Free to answer. even if i am in holiydays, i will check responses to this post during the days.

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"Hi, Daniel, thanks for your answer. I just tried it and it remains the same. It's a problem with this computer. In others, it opens. I have tried to delete the browsing data. This message appears after resetting Edge to default values"

Hi, I have the same problem. Has anyone managed to fix it? I tried to perform the recommended steps offline but the problem remains. It only happens on a PC even when I try to connect with a different account.
Thank you for your time

Hi Lorenzo

what is happaning when you login to connect (successfull and then click in the upper left gray line on "Bimplus Login"
see also picture..

It should not ask about username and password and directly login to portal

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Hi, I also tried to connect directly from Allplan connect as shown in the image but I can't login. If I try from my smartphone or another PC I have no problem, everything works fine. The problem only occurs on my PC. Maybe it will be a firewall issue or problems with my internet connection but I have no idea what that could be.
Thanks for the time you gave me,
Good work, Lorenzo

if you use Google Chrome(*1), you can have a look in to some debug info doing the following steps :

Right Mouse Button -> inspect (analizare )
see https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/6271282?hl=it

maybe somehelpful message in "console" tab or in "network" tab ..

f.e. if password is wrong you will see a "Access denied" message , but if it is some network problems, there will be messages
In the network tab any Status > 400 can be a hint.
To fill network tab , you need FIRST to open the inspect tab and then try to login ..

and in tab "Storage" maybe it helps to clear (=delete) the local cahced data:
Local starage, local cache etc ..
You will not loose data. onle first load will be slower. but login not possible is much "slower" ..

NOTE: (*1)
such a debug mode exists in all Browser. but the entry in contect menue and the names of the tabs in debug window are named a little bit different..

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I attach two images with errors after inspect.
I have tried to clear the cache as you advised but it still won't connect.

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