Hi, I have started a new project in Allplan 2021-0-3.
A have drawn the 3d modell. Each element (wall, slab, foundation etc...) on separate drawing file. I placed a ground floor section, put some text, dimensions on it. I have noticed an error in the drawing, modified the wall with "modifiy points tool".

I noticed an interesting thing: in 2d I have the correct distance between the two walls (17 cm), but in 3d and in the sections i have 22 cm (the previes value, which i did modify).

How is this even possible and how to correct it? I had similar problem with 2020, but those were with 3d reinforcement. So i did stop using 3d reinforcement. but i cant stop using 3d elements.

My sections have "automatic freshening" set, so it is a problem with the 2d view and the actual 3d file.

Please help!

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