Allplan error - oCmActlicense error


Hi, i have a problem, when i want to start allplan error window comes up saying : CmActlicense error

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Probably your antivirus program blocks the codemeter.

See FAQ:

Stecke im Allplan seit 1995
Hotline für Kunden in Slowenien seit 1997

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encounter allplan error today, a bit frustrating as people chasing me for plans and sections extracted from the infra model.
anyone can help?

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rename the PRG folder and execute a update installation of 2016.1.9

I don't if the issue is resolved or not. But, I'm facing a similar thing. My K7 Antivirus is showing some random error code and allplan is failing to run. Should I just disable the antivirus or there can be an alternative solution?

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