Hi Everyone.
I am trying to create a label for the lenght of an U-D Element. The problem is that the Attribute in the "Architecture Quantities"- "Length"gives the X projection of the Element's length. This means that if I have an element with L=10 m, which is rotated at 30 degree in the field, the result that I get from the LENGTH Attribute is 8,66 m. I tried to create a formula, which looks like this:
SQRT(@1105@*@1105@+@220@*@220@) --> SQRT(Clear_height*Clear_height+Length*Length)
It works up to a certain level. It gives the right result, but if I rotate the element randomly, the formula is wrong.
Is there any suggestions how could I update the formula, so that it gives the real length no matter of the Rotation Anlge...or may be there is an Attribute that I still haven't found..
Any help is very appreciated!