[Вопрос] How to set up a auto update text with current date in a legend?

Hello! I'm trying to insert a single setence with current date on it and I want Allplan everytime date changes, this sentence updates too. I'm using the method in the attached image, but last day was 05/04/2019 and today is 08/04/2019 should be as 08/04/2019...

Is possible to make it automatic, thank you in advance!

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Hi Ricardo_RES,

It should work!
I tested with Current Time attribute and it updates automatically after every Save command, both for Label Styles and Legends in Model and Layout mode. You can also use Update Label tool (right mouse click).

Legends are resolved into design entities (Plain Text) if associative option is not selected.

Best regards,

Hi, thank you for your answer, but is not solving the problem for me.

I already use "update labels", "save" the project, the right click window doesn't appear the option "Update Labels" , stil nothing happens.

I'm not in layout mode.

My sentence with text is a "cell". Please see the images in attachments.

Thank you again ;)

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Hi Ricardo_RES,

Define Cell tool is only a placeholder for attribute. After you define several cells and layout, you need to Define Legend and store it to Legends File Folder.
After that you can place selected legend back into model (files 1 to 6, after 9) or layout (files 7 and , using Legend tool.

A simpler way to understand how Legends are structured is to make a copy and edit one existing legend:
- Use Manage Label Styles, Legends tool to create a copy of existing legend (Into Private Folder)
- Use Modify Legends tool to edit existing legend. Use Cell + to add Cell -> Define List Ro on left side -> Attribute on right side -> OK.
- Place Current Time or Date attribute into legend.
- ESC to save legend
- Than test legend using Legend tool....

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