[Вопрос] Is Mesh 3D bug corrected in Allplan 2020?

Is Mesh 3D bug corrected in Allplan 2020?
When you draw meshes all is well drawn in floor plan. But when you look in 3D view, some meshes randomly are simply not drawn in both directions. This is very frustrating if you need to deliver *.ifc file of reinforcement as you need to manually correct all the meshes in 3D model which are not drawn correctly, but they should be - it is simply a bug in Allplan even in latest update of 2017.
Is this bug corrected in Allplan 2020 or not?

Best Regards, Primoz

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Check this video and you will realize the problem...

Meshes are drawn, but some bars in meshes are missing!!! Normally bars of one direction are missing sometimes and for some meshes, not all of them...completely randomly!

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