[Вопрос] Length of a bar reinforcement - round-off


is it possible to give a round-off value to a bar reinforcement in Allplan, for example of 5 mm?

My problem is that sometimes two bars have the same shape and length, but Allplan gives them two different numbers, even after the “Rearrange Marks”. If I look at the “Reinforcing Bar Legend”, it confirms that the two bars have the same length, but wrongly I see 642.1 cm in one case and 642.4 for the other bar.

It would be really useful if Allplan could ignores the millimeters and give the same mark (with the same legth 642 cm). Does anyone know how I can do it?

Thank you very much,

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din pacate nu se poate. Singura solutie e sa copiati armatura respectiva si sa rearanjati repartitia

Sorry, I can't understand. Could you kindly answer in English?

unfortunately it is not possible. The only solution and a respective reinforcement copy and a rearranged distribution

It's a very pity, because it's a real waste of time to correct many bars just for few millimeters of difference. Otherwise, is it not possibile to give a round-off value while doing “Rearrange Marks”?

I repeat that looking at “Reinforcing Bar Legend”, they look the same!

Thank you

I am a user like you and I only answered the question, because I also encountered this problem

yeah! and I like your answer because it's clear you're a user like me!

I was wondering if anyone had found a way to bypass this problem or, otherwise, if someone working for Allplan could solve this problem!

2021 = Rearrange Marks + new option Tolerance

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