I cant see mesh in animation window, I just can see rectangle and text for mesh but i cant see bars of the mesh.

Is there any way to see bars of mesh??


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Hi Adnam,

Normaly all standard Mesh are visible in the animation. But there some point to Check:

Do you use a standard Mesh or did you create a new one in the catalog?
Did you see the same mesh before, is it new that you doesn't see?
Normaly in the animation you can see the text of the mesh? Maybe you have à looks on the wrong view? Animation means press F4.

If you're working on the plan view, it´s normal to see the rectangle and not all bars. You can also change the display. There is a Tool to display all bars in the engineering part on modification. But it´s only possible if the mesh is in maximal dimension not if you had cutter it.

Can you make a screen shot of allplan and export also your drawing file by file/export/export with ressources.

Thanks you!

Hi Judy,

thanks for yours reply.
It was problem in the definition of mesh!


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