When I choose Report selection:

Mesh cutting diagram and Mesh reinforcement I get different [b]kg[/b.

Solution please, or should I draw on paper reather then in 3D.
This is disaster.

Best regards

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Hey, I saw that too, its kinda strange but i think i figured it out. It's a neto (without waste steel) and bruto/Gross (the whole meshes required for cutting) problem.

But i agree, that they should make lots of stuff better.
Mesh cutting diagram has no total mass calculated its strangely per page... who thought of that idea? useless

Thank you for the replay.

Please try if you choose gross or gross/net or net in the report Mesh reinforcement I get out net value, the only proper value I get from Mesh cutting diagram. This is stupid and should be solved.

I can't believe that the most important think of any reinforcement plan is not working properly.

Best regards

Dear Andrejl,

Can you shared some file with us and explain what doesn't work? I know many company still use the mesh since many year without issue.

Please describe your issue more in detail or contact maybe the support.

Best regards

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