Allcheck is the efficient tool to check your model, to analyze attributes and to find collisions in Allplan. You can check even collisions of specific elements like parasolids and so on. Now Allcheck Junior is free to use!
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Allcheck – customizable expert system for the control of the architecture and design in Allplan. A single source of BIM data must be correct! It is impossible to obtain correct drawings, specifications, cost, and schedule having only an information model with errors without the necessary descriptions or degree of detail. It is known that the on-site error correction is ten or even hundreds of times more expensive than the correction of errors during design. And the violation of building codes will cost a lot of money at the approval stage.
The expert Allcheck system has been created in Allbau Software GmbH for the automated check of projects, in particular according to the current rules and regulations of the regional architectural and structural design.
Allcheck is a system with artificial intelligence capabilities used in construction and based on the rules of structural checks. Errors are invisible at the visual control of the model and can be accurately determined by Allcheck.