[Вопрос] Can object have hyperlink to external file?

Can Allplan give hyperlink to external files in an object?

For example, user clicks object like a 3D solid model or an architectural object has hyperlink, then file (e.g.other drawing, document file like PDF, or other any file types) from that link will be opened.

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You can use the Link tool to place a link to an Internet address, file or bitmap in the workspace. The link is represented by a button whose size and position you can define.

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Thank you for reply!

I would like to embed link into 3D object. Do you know how to do this?


Why would you need to include it into 3D object? How would you use that kind of link?


I don't think it's possible, to attach an hyperlink to an object in order to open an external reference just by clicking on the object in a 3D-View.

What you CAN do is include any string-type attribute and it converts automatically into an URL which you can open using CTRL+click, although you have to enter in the attribute menu first. The same url is also clickable if exported to IFC and opened in Solibri, for example.

On the other hand there is also the I_LINK command, if we are talking about custom smartparts.


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Thank you for your advice.
I could understand that the link can be put as attribute and will be clickable.

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