Highway module for v.2015 [Решен]

Does anybody know will Allplan Highway module be for Allplan v.2015?

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Anybody from support?

I wrote to CDS Bausoftware AG. I saw they have it for 2013-2015 versions?!
But i have not answer from them and from this forum too.

What's going on here, does allplan have EOL(end of life) with 2015 version?!

I think that Modul is from ICS Computer Services

ICS Computer Services SA from Switzerland develops software solutions for civil engineering, etc. for surveying and terrain modeling, road and railway construction, as well as for drainage.

Address: ICS Computer Services
Chocolatiere 21
1026 Echandens
E-Mail: info@icsa.ch
Website: http://www.icsa.ch

the list of compatible extensions is still in progress (infos about 2015 missing) as our partners needs to agree, that his plugin/extension works with 2015...

and :
EOL can just be a joke !

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EOL is of course joke. Allplan is still interesting cad/cae solution. But i used it till 2012 version. Move to ad civil3d. For road construction and site planinng

ICS seems stopped at 2012 version, CDS make it for 2013-2014/15 >> CDS Bausoftware

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