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I'm new to Allplan and modeling a bridge project. This is of course not rotated along the main axis' in plan. I know I can, in project properties, rotate all plan views which makes the project in plan view easier to work with. This however rotates all the sections as well. How do you all work with structures like this?

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I think if I understand correctly that you want to rotate your planview parallel to a certain line without changing it for the whole model. If you use Rotate planview function, as shown in the pictures, you can select the desired line and the planview rotates parallel to this line. This doesn't affect your total project and is only temporary for you. Other users won't see this rotation. If you want to return to regular planview you select this function again and select 0,0 for the angle by typing this in the functionbar at the bottom.

In the pictures you see in default planview the angle is 0,0 and if I use the function the angle changes. To go back to 0,0 angle just use the function and select 0,0. This rotation is only for the viewport you are in. Select a new viewport or reset the existing one and it will be 0,0 again automatically.

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