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I have a small problem with exporting PDF. When i export PDF lines seem to be thicker, but when the plan is printed the lines are normal again. The option where color represent line thicknes is not activated.

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Dear jdani,

I also find this change since few version.

In fact, i think that Allplan add some new information for each line during the PDF export.

So when you read the PDF, the line looks thick but if you zoom in you can see correctly.

There is some option Inside the preference option of your pdf reader where you set to don't take car of thicker line, than you will allways see all lines normaly.

Bye & Good Use!

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As far as I know, the issue is quite common, not for Allplan only. The years have passed and there's no solid example of right data export to the PDF extension - it always doesn't look the same as on the preview outlook, not speaking of just lines or something. In fact, you need to fix these things manually and I don't know another solution yet. I use this editor https://w9.pdffiller.com that by no means would be more related to the documents or tax forms, but comparing with the more popular Acrobat it has the same features and quite cheaper as well, so that's my suggestion

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