Problems with text display


I have strange problem with text display, after I exported drawing in *.pdf some letters displays wrong.
Text is model:

Text after exporting:

What's wrong with letter "A"?

Allplan language - English
Text language- Latvian

Thank you for help!

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I have also faced the same problem with my HP printer when I was going to print any text on the printer, it comes out with some squares or rectangle, but the preview was showing the document format as usual. I immediately contact to HP Support Australia and they suggest me to update the system and the printer also and also install all the drivers properly on my system.

I was also getting the same issue in my Alienware laptop by which I was very tensed, I was not able to fix this issue on my own. Then I got to know about the alienware support team who fixed my issue in a very short period of time. The support team also suggested me some ways by which I will not face this in future.


Did you activate the option "Include TrueType Fonts" in the PDF-Export menu?


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