Select layouts box - Allplan crash

Allplan 2013 crash when I choose a layout in the Select layouts box; all layouts in all projects.

Unfortunately I use an old version, I know

I have already reinstalled the sosftware.

Someone can help me?

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Maybe try the hotline tool "CleanPrint" (in Allmenu).
What happens on your computer between the last time it works and now?

I have already tried, it doesn't work.

I installed it again, the problem is still there.

the pc has been updated; I had not used allplan for many days.
I'm not sure that's the cause

Which version of Windows do you use?
If it is Windows 10, do you use the Windows color scheme instead of the Allplan one?

Maybe, you can try to backup your data (PRJ, STD, ETC and USR folders) and then unistall and reinstall Allplan. Then, many parameters will be reset instead of on an reinstall on itself where all the parameters are kept.
Take care to avoid to erase some files.

I use windows 10 and Windows color scheme.

I have already tried reinstalling the software, deleting all the directories.

I did the data backup.

I have no problems on other PC with updated windows 10.

I don't understand what happened

Maybe try to activate Allplan trace (in Allmenu) and see what happens when you switch to layout...

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