[Вопрос] How to create new attributes in allplan using allplan api or pythonparts scripts


I am developing Allplan plugin and I would like to know if there is an example of Pythonparts in allplan or allplan api for create new Attribute and group attribute in allplan


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Yes, it exists only in the Allplan API, not in Python!

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If you mean NOI with API look at:

NOI_Service_FreeAttributeResources::CreateUserIntAttribute (const CNOI_String &name, const unsigned int &attrNumber=0)
NOI_Service_FreeAttributeResources::CreateUserStringAttribute (const CNOI_String &name, const unsigned int &attrNumber=0)

But unfortunately no grouping :-(

Maybe it is possible to change group afterwards with: NOI_Service_FreeAttributeGroupResources
But I see no possibility to create a new group.

Thanks for your answer but i am using Allplan Python api and i don't understand what is NOI. Can u explain me what is NOI?

NOI is another name for the Allplan API!

You wrote: "...developing Allplan plugin" and
"an example of Pythonparts in allplan or allplan api."

So I assumed you meant an Allplan-Plugin with Allplan API.

Allplan-Python-API are only Python-Wrapper for API-Functions and classe.

where to you find this function "NOI_Service_FreeAttributeResources::CreateUserIntAttribute (const CNOI_String &name, const unsigned int &attrNumber=0)" ? because this function doesn't exist in Allplan Python API.

Yes, it exists only in the Allplan API, not in Python!

if I want to use NOI api where can I get the kit or documentation? I can find any sources for this api on internet. Do I need to ask to Allplan something to access to NOI api? Thanks

yes i wuld like to know too. The VBA api is very outdated and unfinished. Python api is very complicated. Where i can get the api? please help...

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