[Вопрос] replace pythonParts with reinforcement

Hello every one!
My question is about replacing several equal PythonParts with reinforcement if I need to correct some parameters of my PythonPart

for example staircases width is 1200 mm and now I need to change it to 1300 mm for all. To do it I've tried to use "replace macros SmartPart" function, but in the case of PythonParts only solid geometry is replaced correctly, and reinforcement is still in old position

maybe there is another function to do it

Thank you for answers!

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Hmm, I don't know if I fully understand but if I had to correct several PythonParts I would correct one (enter settings by pressing 2 times mouse button on PP) and then copy corrected PP.

edit: Both shape and reinforcement are corrected automatically in that case. But still reinforcement labeling disappears...

Yes it works but this way is not productive enough if the project is quite big. I have attached little video for better problem definition.

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Well, I am not sure. I doubt whether there is another built-in function as there are many minor bugs/shortcomings connected with PParts. PParts is a great idea but it should be further developed :|

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