3D Shear Stirrup with SmartParts


Dear SmartParts users,

I am trying to model a 3Dimensional shear stirrup (see picture attached) using SmartParts scripting.

I've had success so far in scripting reinforcement functions for rectangular and circular slabs, piles etc.

However, I have stumbled upon this problem. As the picture attached we can see it's a shear stirrup in 3 dimensions.

Out of the most complex functions I've tried the following:


But they don't work. I have only managed to create something similar in picture 2, the 2 dimensional open stirrup.

My thinking is that these functions only work in plane conditions and reinforcement is limited only for 2Dimensions and that doesn't help me.

I tried to work around this, by creating reinforcement groups in different planes and merging them together, but I failed.

I would kindly appreciate any tips I can get to model this, if it can be modelled?

If not, then a confirmation of why this couldnn't work is good for me too.

If the answer is no, can PythonParts be able to model this?

Thank you so much,

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Hello Ambrozie,

please change to PythonParts. Here you have much more reinforcement functionality as you have in SmartParts.

You can have a look at our Reinforcement examples in ...\etc\Examples\PythonParts\ReinforcementExamples and ...\etc\PythonPartsScripts\ReinforcementExmaples

Best regards

Dear Horst,

Thank you for your answer.

Actually, I have found a script in https://connect.allplan.com/content/smartparts.html
It's called SmartParts FIRIPA cages.

I downloaded and imported it in AllPlan.

You can see from my pictures attached that their reinforcement is spatial (3D) and the script is uploaded in SmartParts and not PythonParts.
Sadly, their code is locked and you don't have a way to see what they've done.

But this script kind of tells me that there is a way to do this with SmartParts.

What is your take on this?

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Hello Ambrozie,

I think you can create 3D reinforcement with Smartparts, but I recommend having a look at PythonParts and VisualScripting. These two functionalities are, especially for reinforcement, the future of the scripting in Allplan. Here I give you some features of the reinforcement scripting with PythonParts:

- create the reinforcement shapes directly by the existing geometry of the formwork and a concrete cover
- create circular, rotational, and spiral reinforcement
- create mesh reinforcement
- add dimension lines and labels to the created reinforcement
- create bar and mesh area placement
- create sections and views
- ...

Best regards

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