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Версия:  Allplan 2015 / Allplan 2014 / Allplan 2013  | Последнее изменение: 25.06.2019


What can I do if Allplan starts as a viewer only and I have to install a new hardlock driver?


Install the latest hardlock driver.

How to install:

Use the following link to download the driver:


The driver for Windows 7 and 8.1 is in the following folder.

If you are using Windows 10 then use the driver under the folder:

Extract and save the 'haspdinst.exe' file to any folder, for example, c:\drivers. Then open the command prompt:
Right-click Start (Windows button) -> Command Prompt (Admin)
Switch to the folder where you saved the file. To do this, type in "cd c:\drivers".

To remove the old drivers, enter the following command:
haspdinst -fremove
Next, install the new driver:
haspdinst -install


If you use a parallel hardlock, read the following instructions:

Загрузка PDF  FAQ_EN_Installing_a_new_hardlock_driver.pdf
Версия:  Allplan 2015 / Allplan 2014 / Allplan 2013  | Последнее изменение: 14.02.2019


Allplan starts as a viewer. What can I do?


Do the following:

1. The Allplan license folder contains the servcfg.nse file.

Open this folder:
Services application -> Service -> Windows Explorer -> General program data (ETC, LIC) -> License.

Delete the servcfg.nse file from this folder.

2. Install the new, appropriate license, which you can find in the attached file. Save the license to a folder on your computer and install it as follows:
Services application -> Utilities -> License -> Install HARDLOCK License

3. Check that the light indicator of the connected USB dongle (blue or white stick) is on all the time. To test it, you can connect the dongle to a different port.

4. Install the current hardlock driver if the light indicator is off.
You can find detailed instructions here:


5. Select the Services application -> Utilities -> License -> License settings -> Licenses.
Check if "Allplan FT" is displayed in the white window on the left. If this is so, Allplan has accepted the dongle.

If this is not so, send the logmes.nse file, info.001 file and the new servcfg.nse file (license folder) to support.de@allplan.com

Загрузка PDF  FAQ_EN_First_steps_to_solving_hardlock_license_probl...
Версия:  Allplan 2017 / Allplan 2016 / Allplan 2015 / Allplan 2014 / Allplan 2013  | Последнее изменение: 19.03.2018


What effects do Windows 8.1 updates have on Allplan versions?


Allplan versions 2014-0-2 and later are running on Windows 8.1.
To make sure that Allplan runs smoothly after you have updated to Windows 8.1, you need to do the following:

1st step: backing up and restoring Allplan user settings

Prior to installing the Windows update, select
Services application -> Data Backup -> Create -> Entire folders -> Private settings -> Full
to back up your own Allplan user settings.

If you find out that some settings are missing after you have updated to Windows 8.1, you can select
Services application -> Data Backup -> Import -> Entire folders -> Private settings -> Full
to restore these settings.

In addition, you are strongly advised to back up and archive all the data before you update the operating system!

2nd step: restoring Allplan licensing

Depending on the licensing system you use, there are different issues to bear in mind.

After the Windows update you need to fix Nemetschek Softlock License Manager as described in the following document:

Uninstall the hardlock driver (Sentinel runtime driver) during the update to Windows 8.1 as described below:

Install the latest hardlock driver after the Windows update. You can find the driver and the instructions using the following link:

Загрузка PDF  FAQ_EN_Windows_81_update.pdf
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