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Allplan 2015 Internet Training Rendering using CineRender

This e-learning course covers global illumination. It teaches you everything you need to know about the CINEMA 4D render engine, showing you how to achieve optimum results. You will work with a predefined project and take the objects and materials from the 30 Year Edition, allowing you to start immediately with the things you need for rendering. The result is a rendered image of the exterior view of the project.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Global illumination basics
  • Preparing the project
  • Selecting and saving the camera viewpoint
  • Setting lights
  • Adjusting materials
  • Adding accessories to the scene
  • Rendering and fine tuning
  • Practicing what you have learned

Finally, you will learn more about interactive rendering in real time, recording movies using 'render' and rendering projects from earlier versions.

This course is geared to experienced Allplan users: only tasks you need for rendering with the CINEMA 4D render engine and global illumination are described in detail.

Tags Animation Render Camera Lights Surfaces Allplan 2015

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